03 January 2010

Giant dogs and geysers

Dear Coco
This giant dog about to lick the Alpha Male reminded me just how much I am missing you and Dougal. It was part of a shop on the way to Rotarua which is a really weird place with hissing steam vents, bubbling boiling mud and huge geysers that shoot water up into the air when a bit of soap powder is thrown into the hole. Here is Nicky and the AM watching a geyser shooting water up into the air.
The next day we did a long walk across a volcano - the Tongariro Crossing but it rained from start to finish. Here are the AM and Nicky looking very alpine at the start, and here they are walking along the top of a sulphurous volcano, and I even managed to photograph some flowers like this green hood orchid Pteryostylis.
Will write soon with more news of dogs in New Zealand.
lots of love
the Foodlady xx

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