14 January 2010

The Wedding and the All Whites

Dear Coco
I really do miss you and Dougal very much. We have four more days left here, and will be home early on Wednesday 20th. I confess I am looking forward to being home again. New Zealand is lovely, but it is not home! Here is a photo of the beautiful bride - Emma and the bridegroom - Shaun - with William and Nicola, and Timothy (William and Emma's half brother). The Alpha Male gave a good speech - although he referred to the "All Whites" team that was coming to South Africa to play in the World Cup and we are not too sure if any of the guests knew what he meant as most Kiwis only know about rugby
although they have these amazing buried soccer balls on their beaches!
Today we went to the Auckland Botanical Gardens and they are not as snooty as Kirstenbosch and allow dogs in the garden. In some parts they need to be on the lead, but in others they are allowed to run free.
Tomorrow we are going to the Coromandel coast to stay in Nicola's
bach which is what kiwis call holiday cottages.
Be good Coco, and I look forward to seeing you and Doog on Wednesday.
love the FL xx

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