03 January 2010

Walkies in Wellington

Dear Coco
New Zealand can be quite eccentric. This boot is at the entrance to a town called Taihape on the way to Wellington - and it calls itself the Gumboot Throwing Capital of the World! Can you spot Teddy on the boot?
We got to Wellington where we stayed with Lydia and Jan, Richard and Xander and two cats in a wonderfully comfy house. We went for a walk and you can see it is quite an orderly place. Here is a controlled - just! - Jack Russel on a walk high above Lydia and Jan's house which in right on the sea. You and Doog would love it. And here we are : Lydia, Nicky and the Alpha M on the walk.
We went into Wellington and we saw this display about a dog called Paddy the Wanderer who used to live at the harbour and the people around there would take turns to pay his licence - as I said, Wellington is an orderly and most civilized place.
Must dash now so will continue when I next get an Internet connection.
With love from the FL xx

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