28 December 2010

Two dogs and a bookclub Christmas dinner

The bookclub weekend without scotties went very well despite the fact that we were left behind. This is De Noon welcoming all the ladies and their spice to her house, Kleine Perle, near Pearly Beach.
This is Magnum. A bit of a rangy Jack Russell who has the same tendencies as me - scratching. Bad dog! Stop scratching! (At least he is doing it outside.)
They went for a walk and found this delectable grasshopper thing (FL says its a male Saw-backed Locust) that hitched a ride on the Alpha's trousers - looks scrumptious.
Here is Sue and the Alpha relaxing at the dam while Alison does a spot of sweeping. De Noon looks a bit dubious about it all.
De Noon is a bit freaked out by this beaded cow. Just like Dougal who is freaked out by the fluffy bear in the Alpha's consulting rooms. I think I would have been a bit distracted by the gumboot Christmas tree base - boots are for chewing not pot plants.
Magnum looking embarrassed because the humans were about to consume a magnum of champagne. I hope they had done their book talking before they tucked in!
Interesting walkies through the veld. Feeling envious!
And here is De Noon showing the way home along the limestone hill near the house. Pearly Beach and Dyer Island in the background.
And for the Food Lady I include this photo of the False Dodder (Cassytha ciliolata) because it has lovely red Christmassy berries that remind the FL of mistletoe. It is, weirdly, a parasitic member of the Lauraceae which includes such plants as the Avocado and Stinkwood.
For more about this weekend without scotties, click here.

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