28 December 2010

Boxing Day

Boxing Day means lots of sweeping up and laying tables, and food and lots of potential tidbits although this year there are not so many small kids around at my level as Arti and Gabe went to Greyton.
The Alpha cooked some ham in the Weber - yum yum yummmmmm.
The serious volley ball players: Vini from Brazil, David from Germany, Phil from Jozie, Simon from here and Richard from Wellington New Zealand. (Alexander, Edmund and Dominic escaped the camera).
Beth sent the Food Lady some "Cath Kidston" paper serviettes from England so she tried to be creative with a pink and blue theme to match the serviettes. Margie bought a kransekake which lent a Norwegian air to the festivities.
Richard and Lucy pulling a cracker. (Which just finishes Dougal off!)
Josie came too - with a bow in her hair - and Dawnie Dawg was just so happy to see her. (As usual she ignored us all!)You can just see me in the bottom right of the photo. I was a bit nervous because a water polo ball kept flying out of the pool at a million miles an hour, spraying water in all directions, and the volleyball escaped every so often too, so it was best to keep to cover when you are as small as a scotty.
"Les girls" - Anna, Sophie, Kerryn, Clare and Caroline.
Jan the Dutchman from Wellington, New Zealand, Grahan the father of Amber and the fierce red ridgebacks and Lydia from Wellington, Julia and Sue on the rug and Norman having a snooze in the late afternoon sun. Katherine, human sister of Honey and Pippin is on the other rug.
Dougal found it all too much!

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