08 December 2010

Queen of the Castle

My castle was carried in and put up by some really nice men who I absolutly loved. This is me watching the goings on. Sometimes life is a bit of a yawn! Then a whole lot of kids arrived with Gabriel and Arti - my human cousins. It was lovely. Fun and games and scotty-eye-level food and soft tartan rugs to lie on in the shade.
This is Sophie, another human cousin, who came in the afternoon to play on my castle too.


  1. I've been away and very busy but pleased to come and see what you have been up to!

    I hope you all had a good Christmas and got some lovely doggie pressies.

  2. Thanks. We had a happy time but NOT ONE PRESENT under the tree this year. FL not too up on the gifting dept this year. But we did get some good walks and some leftover turkey and ham and that makes us very happy. I hope you had a good Christmas too.

  3. sweffling.wordpress.com30 December, 2010

    NO presents! That's tough. But glad to hear about the titbits of food.
    Good Christmas here thanks, although very cold. Madly feeding the wildlife which is not used to these temperatures. Looking at the sun on your walks is making me very envious! Happy 2011.