07 February 2011


We were excluded from this little jaunt, but it sounds like it nearly did our two humans in, so we concede that it was not really for us. And besides, it is part of the Limietberg Nature Reserve that excludes all canines - but I would have loved to come and look for bobbejaans to chase. Clare and Roos came with our humans, and they met Anthea and Mike and Bronwyn and four of her friends, Eleanor, John, Matthew and Jenna at Bain's Kloof.
Looking back at Bain's Kloof Pass. The Bobbejaans River joins the Witte which is the river that runs at the bottom of Bains Kloof.
The FL specially got herself a waterproof camera so she wouldn't miss out on any special plant sighting, and this is Erica pinea which is quite special as it only occurs in this area.
There was a lot of energetic jumping into the coolest of cool mountain pools. This is John.
Mike with all the Westerfordians in a puddle, a huddle, a cuddle but not a muddle.
A very special first for the Food Lady - the Bush Lily, Nivenia corymbosa. It also only grows in this area and nowhere else in the world.
Lunch and a little relax.
Another very cool looking pool and waterfall. The blue flowers of Nivenia corymbosa cascading over the edge too.
There were also a few Red Disas (Disa uniflora).
Looking down the Bobbejaans River.
A beautiful soft pink King Protea (Protea cynaroides).
The Food Lady playing with her new waterproof camera.
Roos looking like a trapeze artiste. I would have loved to have a swim in that pool.
Clare and Roos relieved that Mike is not going to make them jump or abseil down the next level far, far below.
The FL will put some more photos on Facebook so check that out too.
The Mitre Aloe (Aloe perfoliata).
Back to the start. Tired and hot and a bit sunburnt.

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