23 February 2011

Up Pecks with a brownie

Sue, Nola, Maverick and Goose, Paul and Pauline, our humans and us reported for duty at the stone gate at the bottom of Peck's Valley. This is Aristea dichotoma with Lachnaea grandiflora in the background. Paul arrived with a beautiful Brownie Box camera. We are all intrigued to see the results.
Us and the Alpha at the top of Pecks waiting for all the slowpoke photographing pholks to catch up. You can see the lovely cool mist in the background.
Apologies to Maverick and Goose for lumping them in with Maltese Poodles in an earlier post. The Foodlady will amend the title forthwith. (Click here to check.) They are very distinguished terrier cross breeds. Just look at Goose's distinguished expression! And Dougal is trying to will the rusks to just JUMP out of the backpack.
A misty but not too chilly tea in the rocks. Nola, Maverick, Goose, us two, Sue, Paul, Pauline and the Alpha Male.
Paul shooting from the hip.
Crassula coccinea - a very very red Red Crassula (almost as red as Paul's boots!) that is also pollinated by the Table Mountain Pride butterfly. According to PlantZafrica,the botanist, Rudolph Marloth explains in his description of Crassula coccinea published in Flora of South Africa (1913-1932) that 'this dazzling brightness ... is principally due to the dome-shaped form of the epidermal cells, each acting like a combination of a convex lens with a concave reflector'.
The monarch of the Glen - that me!
On the way down from St Jame's Peak we passed these early flowering Golden Spiderheads (Serruria villosa).

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