29 July 2011

The first two days ...

Dear Coco
I am not sure if you will get this letter before we come home again because there is no Internet connection in the car, and I have not worked out how to put photos on the blog via my Blackberry yet, but here goes....After our sorrowful goodbye to you, Dougal and Dawnie, we got off to a good start up the N7 with Peter and Ian
arriving in Springbok before sunset. We went for a short walk around Springbok the next morning and thought it was a pretty but rather dirty little town. They have signs saying "No loitering" but we thought what they really need is signs saying "NO LITTERING!"
This is Ian telling us all to stop loitering and get back into our cars!
But eventually we had to do some loitering along the roadside as there were just so many beautiful flowers- especially the fields of these blue sunflax or Heliophila flowers. Their botanical name means "sun lovers" and they were so fragrant that the air for miles around was perfumed.
Even the Alph was moved to take out his camera to photograph them near Pella.
We spent some time checking out the church and some of the locals at Pella - like this little dog that came to see our Land Rovers off her property.
and made it to the campsite at Klein Pella where we uitspanned and watched Peter and Ian make the supper while we sat in chairs in the afternoon sun.
A visitor came and made straight for the Alph.
Hope you are having a nice time with Leticia. Give my love to Dougal and Dawnie and the Little Kittie,
love from the Food Lady.

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