11 July 2011

Indian summer

Sunday was the most glorious sunny day and what did they do? Left us with a miserable bone and headed up the mountain with Paul and Pauline. But we hear that the path they wanted to go up is not very dog-friendly, unless you are a border collie There were lots of flowers enjoying the sun including this Wild Cotton (Gomphocarpus cancellatus).
This is a scotty's eye-view of some Babiana ambigua plants that were all over the place - including on the path,

and there were also people all over the place - and quite a few of them going up India Venster too.
Pauline - about a third of the way up. A beautiful Gladiolus maculata near the path. and a Common Sunshine Cone Bush (Leucadendron salignum). The Food L doesn't often see this white version. It is pollinated by beetles and you can see one digging into the flowers.

The route up! Looks pretty clear that this was not a path for scotties. Is this the venster? Looking back towards Devil's Peak. Looking down to the lower cable station and all the cars along Tafelberg Road.
Getting there . . .

Pauline over the worst.
Up against the front face of the mountain.
Tea below the cable car. Sorry to miss out on the rusks.
The Red Heath - Erica abietina.
Still a way to go.
Walking over the Kloof Corner saddle.
A mad climber was hanging in up there on the cliffs.
Paul crawling over the edge - Camps Bay below.
Pauline looking happy and relaxed despite having scaled the heights of India Venster. This is the dark side of the mountain.
and not an easy way up either by the sounds of things!
The Tassel Heath, Erica coccinea.
Celebrations on top - a belated 31st wedding anniversary toast to Pauline and Paul.
Spilt champagne or a delicate pink lichen?
Heading for the Cable Car.
Fancy boards for the tourists and the Food Lady.
Back down and working out the route.


  1. Well the view was worth the effort

  2. I've always wanted to walk up Table Mountain, but this one looks a bit too much for a gentle stroller. We are camping in Cape Town at the end of the year and the plan is to walk up Platteklip Gorge one morning.