09 July 2011

Following Lucy

We have many veterinarians and botanists and zoologists and executive assistants and occupational therapists and medical doctors that join us on our walks. Many of them seem to be involved with penguins and the Food Lady thought it would be nice to put a link to the Penguin Watch website on my blog so that we can keep up to date with the progress of Lucy (the penguin - not Lucy-the-vet - although I am sure that the penguin is named after the vet).
This African Penguin was hand-reared at SANCCOB and chosen to be the first ever juvenile penguin to be fitted with a special satellite tracking device by none other than Goose and Maverick's human, Nola (who is the vet at SANCCOB in charge of chick rearing) so that her progress can be followed after her release. Richard is heading the research component of this project and is posting regular updates of the whereabouts of Lucy-the-penguin since her release from a boat off Robben Island on 26 June. So far she has skedaddled up the west coast - heading for Namibia. But click here to see for yourself.

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