22 January 2012

Dams and damn politicians

This morning we were going to a protest but the humans changed their minds and said we would not enjoy it very much so we met up with Sue and went for a very short walk and a swim in misty Silvermine - using our smart new activity cards for dogs.
A pretty Aristea glauca.
Dawnie came too - and here she is tagging along in the Table Mountain Watsonias - Watsonia tabularis.
Then we got left behind with the Alph and Patrick the painter while the Food Lady, Jane and Simon went off to protest in Hout Bay agianst the government giving away bits of Table Mountain National Park to BIG BAD BUSINESS. Click here for some background.
There were lots of dogs and we were sorry we we had not been there to join in the fun.
Even Jack Russells!
And if I am not very much mistaken, is that not a scot?
And a Robbie, an Anthea and a Mike?
And Lucky's mom - Lynne too. What a party.
The Sentinel in the background. People listening to speeches - maybe this is where we might have been a bit bored,
but we could have found a patch of lawn to sit on in the "ugly quarry" that Robin Carlisle thinks will look a whole lot better with a dirty big office block in it.
Even a child can see its wrong.
Yes, we agree!

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