11 January 2012

A shady Silvermine saunter

On Wednesday 4 January, the Food Lady smuggled us into the Silvermine Reserve (still sans dog permit because she hasn't managed to get photos for our special cards yet although she and the Alph have an expensive Wildcard that they were told would be fine for dogs too!). We (us, the Alph and Nicola) met up with Robbie, Jenny and Belle for a lovely walk down the river.
A hairy caterpillar on an Erepsia anceps flower - even hairier than a Scotty.
Some Red Crassulas (Crassula coccinea ) were already starting to flower. They are also pollinated by the Mountain Beauty butterfly.
Tea in the cool breeze. It certainly wasn't a burning hot day, but we were looking forward to a swim in the dam.
On the road down to the dam, the FL noticed some plants that have made themselves at home here - the ubiquitous dandelion and some Hare's Tail (Lagurus ovatus) grass from the Mediterranean.
There was lots of activity down at the dam - a great way to finish a walk. Next time we come, I hope we will be legal.

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