11 January 2012

A sober walk on Tweede Happy

Today's walk falls on "Tweede Happy" which Capetonians like to celebrate, and this year it was an official holiday too. Despite a bit of rain and mist, we decided to take advantage of the cool weather and go up Cecilia Ridge to the top. Sue joined us (Dougal, me, Nicola, the Alph and the Food Lady) as well as Robbie and her cousins from Maritzburg - Mike and Sherry. This is Sue and Sherry toiling up Cecilia Ridge in the wet. We got to the Great Dog Highway - and not a dog in sight! Here is Dougal and Nicola footing it up the road. It was so wet and we were all dying for some tea and Robbie decided to go and investigate the possibility of sheltering in the Hoerikwaggo Trail Overseer's Cottage
despite the rather off-putting sign!
The Alph and me. Leads on so that we didn't embarrass anyone.
After a lovely tea in the braai area around the back - we set out again. Robbie spotted this little Harlequin Orchid (Eulophia aculeata ) flowering on the side of the road.
Some bedraggled Fragrant Crassulas (Crassula fascicularis).
The long road home - with some lovely pink watsonias to brighten up the greyness. Possibly W. humilis but not sure.
Me doing a hairpin bend turn, brakes applied.
A group shot as the Food Lady forgot to do the honours at tea. Sue, Sherry, Mike, the Alph, Nicola and Robbie.
Nearly at Constantia Nek where we had left the car.

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