11 October 2013

A lone black dog on the mountain

Today it was just me. No other black dogs, or dogs of any hue to accompany us. But our big human brother was with us - he has come back to live in Cape Town and is staying with us for a while. It is so lovely to have him! Graham Duncans little  Lachenalia orchiodes var. glauca were out in full force.
 Which way?
We went up, while these two Westies were coming down. We exchanged some Highland sniffs, briefly.
 Phil taking panoramic views with his fancy phone.
 A bounce in my step - and the smell of baboon in the air (or in my head).
Tea spot at Breakfast Rock on Cecilia Ridge. Sorry, can't look now - checking for dassies.
 In amongst the white Erica calycina that we often notice here at Breakfast Rock.
 Phil was way ahead.
 More panoramic shots - with the wind fluttering Phil's jacket noisily.
Then we were on top - right up at the De Villiers Dam. We took a short detour so Phil could get a view over Orange Kloof - then the Alph slipped and hurt his knee - luckily not too badly.
 Restio of the week: awaiting id. (Not the Food Lady's strong point).
 A view over False Bay with the very full De Villiers Dam and a Psoralea in the foreground.
 Down the Great Dog Highway we trudged, but not many dogs did we see
although the City of Cape Town had organized a disco for us up there. (The Food Lady didn't appear to be very excited by it though and said a few unkind words.)
 Some pretty everlastings. We have identified these before, but can't remember just yet ...
 I could smell baboons and dassies - and tried to go exploring and chasing, but kept on being called back before I could get up any speed.
 We walked next to the river in the deep dark forest - and at first I thought there were hundreds of caterpillars draped in the trees and on the forest floor but they are catkins the food lady said. Not sure what tree catkins are but they do look a bit like cats tails.
 Oxalis incarnata- common in forests and shady spots.
 And a stately Arum on the other side.
 Helping the Food Lady with these little geraniums. Mmmm. What would you say?
Back home with the Pest. I don't normally allow him so close, but I was quite tired so I just had to put up with him.

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  1. I bet the Pest can't wait till he's big enough to come with you.