04 October 2013

Home and dry

At last the Food Lady came home. I was beginning to think she had gone the same way as Dougal even though I heard her voice on the computer most nights when the Alph started talking to the screen and trying to hold me or the squirming Pest on his lap. But all I could see was a swirl of colour. And of course, her letters, but she wasn't here to read them to me!
Anyway, before continuing with my normal life, the Food Lady has a few more photos that she asked me to post for her - the last few days of her stay in the frozen north
with Jethro
  and his humans,
 and the new kitten.
On Sunday they went to a place called Aydon Castle. Here is Marie-Anne-the-Fair decorating her sword in readiness for a day in a medieval castle.
And here is Vincent-the-Brave decorating his weapon in readiness for some fearsome battles.
 And this is them choosing some delicious cakes for their feast in the castle orchard from a bakery in Corbridge.
The inevitable decorative Scottie dog in a gift shop in Corbridge called Acanthus. (Although the Food Lady did not see ONE real Scottie the whole time she was in England.)
There were however, lots and lots of spaniels - including this handsome Emma Bridgewater mug.
The bookshop in Corbridge has a poodle sign.
 A quick lunch in a garden centre that has special tables for kids, 
 then they arrived at the Castle
 and King Vincent-the-Brave and Queen Marie-Anne-the-Fair sank onto their thrones in the royal hall.
 But thrones are a bit boring after a while, so some climbing and exploring,
 some sword-fighting,
 and some tree-climbing was also undertaken
 before settling down to a feast on the lawn.
Omie-Domes found some ponies to admire in farmlands of Northumberland.
 The next day, Monday, was school as usual for Marie-Anne and Vincent.
 Beth, Omie Domes and the Food Lady went off to Durham for a morning of shopping and cathedral visiting.
 I spy a CAT! A psychedelic one at that. 
 Beth spied some shoes.
 And all the shops it seems, are dog friendly.
Tea in Durham Cathedral gardens.
Durham Cathedral.

They picked up the kids from school, and later that afternoon, went for a walk along the Whitburn coastal path that starts right outside their house. Lucky Jethro!
A curious neighbour.
 Marie-Anne took some photos of the Food Lady and Omie Domes,
 and found them rather entertaining!
Jethro talking to a neighbouring horse. I don't think he is very polite to them.
 "Hey! Wait! We want some grass too!"
 On Jackie's Beach, Jethro destroyed his tennis ball
 then found a huge log to take home.
Fascinating migrating flocks of birds all round,
and Jethro pointing to them. Pity no-one had a gun to shoot one for him.
 All along the coastal path, there were wild flowers - planted there in an effort to save what few bees there are left in the frozen north.
 Back home and re-united with Neo.
A bunch of wildflowers for Beth.
Vincent and Omie Domes watched the Antiques Roadshow,
 while Marie-Anne went for a ride with the Food Lady keeping a watch for cars.
Falco the show-off Cockatiel.
Best friends - Neo and Marie-Anne.
 Sad faces at breakfast on the Food Lady and Omie Domes' last day in England.
Bye Marie-Anne and Vincent.
 Bye Jethro.
And HELLO Coco and hello to the Pest! Lets go for a walk!
 The Pest helping the Food Lady unpack her case.
Walkies in the Greenbelt again. Yay. With Simon too! Double yay.
and the infernal PEST with the Alf having a round the block walk. Triple yay.

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  1. I bet you are glad the food lady is back... I bet your hungry too! All that time with no food lady to give you food!