18 October 2013

Last Sunday's walk up Blackburn Ravine

Good bye little PEST. Sleep tight and be good while we go for our Sunday Walk. You are far too little and silly to join us.
We drove to Silvermine where we left a car - then on to Hout Bay - driving behind the Nottens in their surf-ski-laden combi on their way to a race in Hout Bay. Pauline was waiting for us at East Fort, and we set off up the path to Blackburn Ravine. Alice and Maddie were a bit late, but they soon caught us up - you can just see them in the photo. I was really happy to see my best friend Maddie!
Senecio elegans.
 Moraea tripetala.
Two black dogs - ready to take on the dassies, baboon and lizards - if only we were allowed!
 Erica calycina.
 Curly sundews.
Alice and Maddie in the ericas - mostly Erica hirtiflora. We climbed up and up.
Frothy Heath (Erica spumosa).
Prickly daisy -  Berkheya barbata.
 An unusual orchid - possibly Satyrium lupulinum?
 Pauline on the zig zags up Blackburn. A Lobostemon  - maybe glaucophyllus?- in the foreground.
Far below we could see the surf ski race - the "Naturals Hout Bay Hustle" that Dominic and Nikki were competing in. We discovered later that they both did well in the 12 km race with Dominic winning the under 21s - and coming 5th overall and Nikki coming 8th overall. The Food Lady is really impressed with her nephews!
 A large chocolate-scented Lazy Bush (Oftia africana).
Tea at the top of Blackburn Ravine. Alice, Maddie, the Alf, me on a lead because of dassies, and Pauline.
 Wonder what happened to the boardwalk here? High winds or a monstrous crag monster in a temper.
Alice, Maddie and me on the way to Silvermine Dam.
Along the spur of the Silvermine crags - with Muizenberg Beach in the background.
 Surveying the 350 degree view from the Silvermine crags. Devils Peak in the distance.
 A shiny tiny beetle in an Aristea spiralis flower.
On the way back we bumped into the Nottens again - this time returning from their successful race.
Then it was home to THE PEST again. Ho hum.

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  1. You do not look impressed with The Pest... Oh dear!