24 September 2013

Lindisfarne and Alnwick

Dear Coco
This will be my last letter as we are coming home tonight. It seems ages since I last saw you and the Lad and I hope that he hasn't grown too big yet.
 This is what my room here looks like - case all packed, Vincent on the computer, Jethro on the bed,
and Marie-Anne and the Krazy Kitten having fun.
 We had a really fun weekend - starting with a trip to Lindisfarne in Nortumberland. There is a castle and a ruined cathedral and you can only drive there at low tide.
The castle was made into a really comfy summer holiday home in the early 1900s by Edwin Lutyens. This is Marie-Anne and Vincent getting into the part of turn-of-the-century children.
 We then walked across the sheep-poop lawns to the utterly delightful little walled garden with lovely views across to the castle.
 The garden was designed by Gertrude Jekyll
 and was full of wonderful colours and interesting paths and nooks and crannies
 including a plaque to the designer herself.
 A beautiful butterfly in the garden - contrasting with the rather windswept terrain on the other side of the walls.
We went in search of food in the funny little village - watched rather disapprovingly by this creepy little dog-man.
 A quick dip into the ruined priory there, and a look at this lovely statue of St Aiden,
 before we settled down to tea and scones.
 On the way back to the car we saw lots of signs to dog-owners to please PICK UP THEIR DOG POOP!
 We made it back over the causeway to the mainland by the skin of our teeth.
 Then, our next destination was Alnwick Garden where Beth steered us to the roses while the kids played in the many fountains all hidden in mazes. Very impressive. This is the Alnwick rose by David Austin.
 and this one is called "The Lark Ascending" and is also a David Austen rose.
 The formal garden was full of blue delphiniums and agapanthus,
 beautiful Autumn Crocuses (Colchicum autumnale),
 and these echinacea daisies.
 While Marie-Anne and Vincent played on the grass, we had some tea and watched a wedding party arrive.
 Then we went home to play with Neo - who was playing "now I am small as a mouse"
and now tall as a house. Such a cute kitten - Coco - I am sure you would rather like to chase her all over the house.
Well Coco, we are off to the airport soon, so I will show you the last few photos when I get back. See you really really soon - and hopefully we can have a walk on the beach when we take Mom home.
love to Simon, the Alf and the Lad
from the FL xx

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