19 September 2013

Down to Dorset

Dear Coco
We have now arrived at Sunderland where Beth and Norbert, Marie-Anne and Vincent live, and they have an Internet connection, so I will be able to update you on our travels so far.
 We had a last morning walk around Sissinghurst, then had to turn our back on it and drive off to our next B&B in Dorset.
Our first stop was a tea room in Chawton where we were mobbed by wasps all wanting to share our scones and cream and jam.
Then we walked across the road to Jane Austen's house where we spent a happy hour or two
exploring the lovely little garden 
and also inside where Jane Austen (who didn't really mention dogs in here novels so I don't think I have told you about her) spent her last few years. The museum has some nice descriptions of life in those days - like how Jane Austen would have looked writing her novels 
 at this very table. 
 And also a beautiful quilt made by Jane, her sister and her mother. 
The late summer garden was very pretty 
and I had to tell Mom not to dead-head the flowers as she sometimes just does automatically ...
 We then made for our next B&B, Yoah Cottage in West Knighton, just outside Dorchester, where Mom has been twice before - and loved. It is owned by Rose and Furse and is really gorgeous. 
There were sweet peas everywhere, and lovely paintings and ceramics around. 
 My bedroom - with a happy Dorset sheep on the window sill -
 and our cosy sitting room. Note the green man over the fire place looking suspiciously like Furse.
And a Green Man near the front door!
Now we need to go shopping at Sainsburys with Beth, then fetch Marie-Anne from school, so I must sign off for now and will continue later. I hope that you are not being too hassled by your pesky new brother. One more week and I will be home. 
love from the FL x x 

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