21 September 2013


Dear Coco
This is our B&B in Cornwall - a lovely house called Broom Parc overlooking the sea.
On our first morning there we went for a walk along the cliff path which has some spectacular views and I just wished you could have been there to join us.
There were butterflies in the ivy, bramble berries and lots of flowers out, but the weather was quite a lot cooler that it was to begin with.
 Mom was also missing her spaniels. I think that spaniels are the most popular dogs here - but there are also lots of westies and scruffy little terriers - but we haven't seen one Scottie.
We found the gate to our house and
 I tried to take a photo of the Tika, the dog who lives there, but she was not very obliging.
Mom and I then set out for the village of Megavissey but we couldn't find anywhere to park so we drove round to another little beach called Gorran where we watched some schnauzers playing and
 where we met a cute terrier called Teddy and his Jack Russell brother.
 We then drove to St Austells and visited the huge and impressive domes of The Eden Project.
We walked on their new aerial walkway in the Rain Forest dome
 and admired some of the South African plants in the Temperate dome
 including some new ones like this arum lily hybrid called Zantedeschia "Mango".
Mom and I then went back to the coast and walked down to the beach of Polridmouth where Daphne du Maurier set Rebecca, one of her novels that Mom and I both really enjoyed. All you can see is a little cottage on a lake but apparently the house, Menabilly, is somewhere up there ...
and the walk from the car park down to the beach was very pretty. These are some wild foxgloves.
Time for bed again I am afraid - and I will continue tomorrow - we seem to be really busy here and Marie-Anne and Vincent have lots to show me so I will sign off now Coco and contnue soon ...
love to the Lad, the Alph, Simon and the Fat Cat
from the Food Lady

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