22 September 2013

Postbridge to Exmoor

Dear Coco
We had a last look at our spectacular view from our Cornish bedroom wndow and set off to our next destination: Exmoor.
We stopped en route to see the pretty village of Postbridge in Dartmoor National Park. Someone had draped some bright red ribbons in the grass and sedge on the edge of the East Dart River. This bridge was built in the 1780s.
Just next to the bridge was another bridge which is thought to have been built in the 13th century - called a clapper bridge. Apparently it was to enable pack horses laden with tin to cross the river.
This area is good for seeing Dartmoor ponies too. I thought it would be a fantastic place to walk - but I have a feeling that it is even rainier here than Cape Town!
Mom and I kept driving along narrow roads with tall hedges on either side - where we had to negotiate past huge tractors and strange farm vehicles. The roads are all quite busy so you cant dawdle too much before an impatient car comes up behind you.
We had to pass through Exeter on our way to Exmoor and I had read that the Antiques Roadshow was in town that morning so we decided to drop in and have a look. 
 It was all taking place in the cathedral and on the cathedral green and Mom and I had fun wandering around and trying to hear what the various experts were saying.
 People bring their antiques and stand in long queues waiting to see the experts who then evaluate their treasures Some people bought their dogs too. Not sure what the expert would say about this one!
Rupert Maas taking a smoke break outside the cathedral,
and another dog in the queue.
Inside the cathedral.
Mom was particularly interested in the ceramics and here she is listening to Henry Sandon evaluating china objects.

We eventually had to pull ourselves away and make for our next destination - the Royal Oak Inn in Winsford - deep in the heart of Exmoor.
Mom has been here before and we went exploring in the footsteps of Auntie May who came here as a child a hundred years ago.
We soon met an Exmoor pony that lived with its foal in a field near the church. So very pretty!
Well, I need to get up and have breakfast now Coco darling. I would love you and Laddie to be able to come here and join Jethro for a walk along the cliffs of Whitburn. But I don't know if you would behave well with their tiny new kitten, so maybe its just as well you can't.
Until later,
love from the Food Lady

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