22 September 2013

Romantic Exmoor

Dear Coco
Our first day in Exmoor we spent walking around the narrow roads and over the bridges in the village.
 We went into the church which is really old and has slightly crooked Norman pillars and an ancient wooden door.
 The outside has strange gargoyles and weathered stone.
 and the inevitable graveyard. Beyond is Winsford Hill.
 We said hello to our Exmoor ponies again,
 did a bit of shopping in the local village shop,
 and walked a little way up the hill where there are fabulous paths for hiking.
 We then drove to see the Tarr Bridge - also an old clapper bridge. near to Winsford,
 and then struck of northwards to explore Lorna Doone country. This is the little church at Oare which is reputed to have been the setting for the novel of Lorna Doone and the place she was shot by the rascal Carver Doone.
There is a plaque to R. D. Blackmore, who wrote the novel, in the church. He must have been a good sort as he named his whole house after his dog Gomer, a Gordon Setter.
 By now it had started pelting down, so we drove home via Porlock and Dunster Castle, which was closed,
 past some wild Exmoor ponies. Magical!
Then all too soon it was time to set off for our next adventure. We said goodbye to Exmoor and its ponies, and headed off into the green and rainy interior.
More soon -
Marie Anne is calling me to play with the kitten who is just adorable. Here he is in the bookcase in my bedroom.
Love to all at home
from the Food Lady

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