10 April 2014

Coco the Explorer

This morning we left quite early as the humans had to be back in time to go out to lunch. A Cape Emerald Cidada (Neomuda) with eyes like a Peke (which incidentally is one of the dog breeds that is most closely related to wolves!) was screeping at us as we got into the car, but we couldn't eat it as it was in the middle of a prickly rose bush. It was just us this morning as Sue was being a taxi and Pauline at a seminar, Paul in the UK, Thea having a birthday in the bush, and there was no water for Maddie to swim - so we were ON OUR OWN. And we were going exploring up Spitskop. A completely new walk for us! (We wished Honey and Maddie were with us though.)
We arrived at Emerald Road and found our way up to Topaz Way where we were welcomed by the local peanut gallery.
After taking care of business, we set off up a new path and into the unknown.

We found an abandoned ruin full of lizards in the Zimbabwe Ruin stonework.
Then higher and higher we climbed through thick bushes and proteas,
and frilly Bokspootjies (Oxalis carina), 
past majestic King Proteas (Protea cynaroides) that the Food Lady can't resist photographing.
Sometimes the path was a bit faint, but I led the way using my nose. (And the Food Lady and Alf were relieved to see some piles of stones too.)
We came out into a beautiful valley, with proteas and restios and the sound of a million goggas.
This is a Restio Beetle (Pseudorupilia) eating the pollen of Erica hispidula.
Tea at the top of Spitskop with 180 degree views over Silvermine and Muizenberg,
over Cape Point Vineyards and Chapmans Peak,
all the way down to Fish Hoek,
and along Long Beach from Kommetjie to Noordhoek
I hunted some lizards once I had looked at the views, hiding behind the fragrant Box Phylica (Phylica buxifolia) to try and sneak up on them ...
but they always just slipped back into the rocks. This is the Black Girdled Lizard (Cordylus niger).
A close up of the Box Phylica buds about to break out.
What? Time to go already?
Tails up for a fantastic walk! We look forward to doing it again soon with some of our friends.
AND it was still early! It only took us two hours - with tea included.
We got back before the sun started burning too - although this chap at the traffic lights seems to be feeling the heat like us.

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  1. I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again. You get the best walkies!