25 April 2014

Moet on a misty morning

Although it was sunny and warm at home, when we arrived in Silvemine it was thick, chilly mist. Perfect for Scotties, but the Food Lady was moaning much better about the lack of views.
My friend Honey, with her human, Sue, was there. And so were Kate, Esther and Thea.
Dog Faces (Trichocephalus stipularis) lit up the path for us.
Scrambling up and up ...
Poor Honey was seeing monstrous monsters in the mist.
She got us worried too.
The Food Lady flashed some ericas - she thinks these are Erica nudiflora..
And now for the 360 degree view! A tad disappointing, but lovely cool walking weather for us.
Easter eggs for tea. Thanks Kate!
And WHAT have we here. The Alph upstaging Thea with Moet! Tsk. Tsk. (Luckily they only managed to finish one bottle - and kept Thea's for the next walk.)
Its an art you know.
My new human friend Esther.
Tea on a misty Spitskop. The Alf, Sue, Thea, me, Pauline, Kate and Esther. We really enjoyed the smell of Thea's Rauchfleisch! And the teeny weeny little taste we were eventually allowed.
Cheer up you goofy Lad! There are no monsters, really.
But we are a bit drippy ...
Some Wild Cotton (Gomphocarpus cancellatus).
Setting out after tea and champers - Kate leading the way -
into the thick mist. Just us Scots (and two crazy geocachers that stormed past us) and not one other dog.
Tails up!
There were lots of pink and purple heaths, stirring up some ancestral Scottie feelings. Pretty Erica abietina subsp. atrorosea,
and carpets of Erica hirsuta. Och aye! Thea told a Scottish joke about a Scot in Alaska who asked what those large animals with horns were called. Mooses. Ach, he said, if those are your mooses, I would hate to see yer rats!
A close up of the hairy heaths, with some green and silver bracken.
Come on you lot! Kate has a thesis to get back to, and we have a Harvey to rescue!
Othonna quinquedentata all drippy and luminescent.
It was really rather pretty!
A Bulbine - not sure which though. Without a leaf, and quite tall, so maybe B. cepacea?
Lots and lots of pretty lobelias - possibly L. setacea.
Stopping for a chat - and a laugh no doubt. (Especially after the Moet!)
We finsihed at the Silvermine gate, where we had left the land rover, then all piled in and drove back to the start near Noordhoek Manor. What a fun walk.
Then is was home to Harvey who was so happy to see us, especially the Lad,
that he just couldn't stop smiling. (We were looking after him while his humans were up in Gauteng.)
The customary g and ts,
then reading and sleeping while the boys swapped stories of monsters in the mist,
and just rolled around and wrestled - such crazy pups!

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