02 May 2014

Cederberg weekend with Harvey and Georgie Girl

Over the long weekend of 26-28 April, we went up to the Land of Tortoises for us to harass tortoises and the Alph to install the geyser, and the Food Lady to have fun. This is us all ready and waiting in the newly serviced Land Rover.
Uh oh! Break down on the side of the road near Durbanville and a few games with Donovan and Dan-Elle whose Dad and Mom stopped to help the Alph with a broken fanbelt. We couldn't find another fanbelt to fit a Land Rover anywhere along Voortrekker Road so we had to go home again and squeeze ourselves and the geyser into the smaller merc.
Laddie was most uncomfortable and practised mountain-climbing all the way to Riversong.
We arrived just in time for supper with Georgie and Harvey. Now this bodes very well!
The humans had sundowners and admired the view - with Phil and Kerryn and Kerryn and Georgie's mom, Sue.
Cointreau Fizz from Phil.
Harvey had a new hoodie to keep out the chill mountain air.
Phil and the Alph and us at the braai.
Kerryn dealing with the fillet. (And yes, the Food Lady did manage to slip us a very small taste.)
The next morning, Freedom Day, me and my friend Georgie enjoyed the sun on the veranda
before setting off on a walk. Me leading the way as an old hand here.
Come on chaps!
A drinks and view break. Harvey likes to pretend he is an Egyptian cat.
Pretty ericas (Erica inflata) for the Food Lady.
Higher and higher we climbed,
till we reached the Jacuzzi Pools at the top. We were all quite hot and tired. Laddie really loves his little friend Harvey! He is quite cute I must admit - down to his little pink pads.
Phil posing at the pool. It was quite steep and the Food Lady wouldn't let us join him.
Sue contemplating a skinny dip in the pool - which she eventually carried out. After all, it is on everyone's bucket list - a skinny dip in the Jacuzzi Pools high above Riversong.
Not fair! Harvey was allowed down there.
Georgie watching her mom swim.
Did you mention BABOONS?
A tug of war with a huge feather.
Pretty vygies. The Food Lady has lost her Cederberg Wildflower book so she can't hazard a guess as to the species - she is always misplacing things these days - I think she is loosing her marbles!
Nearly home again. The thrill of smelling baboons and tortoises keeps my tail up high!
We went home via the pools for a dip and a wade, and then walked home to the cottage with a jet making a vapour trail overhead.
Georgie Girl at the top of the stairs.
Time for gin and tonics and lunch ...
bon appetite!
and cheers!
Tortoise and Lizard Watch. Not very much success I am afraid to report. Perhaps a tad too cool for them?
Then an afternoon nap in the sun for all of us. As you can see, I am not too keen to join the snuggle buggle.
Sundowner time again!
The Alph lighting the paraffin lamps,
while Phil and Kerryn took some art shots.
After supper, a noisy game of Boggle which was won by our human brother Phil.
Then on Monday morning, Sue make a spectacular breakfast which we ate al fresco in the morning sun.
Then Ladde grabbed the leads and led us down the road to the river.
The Food Lady was so excited to see some Haasoor (Stapelia) flowers as she has never seen them before - only the stubby branches. She is not sure which species it is as she just can't seem to find the time to put them on iSpot to ask Tony and the team  - maybe S. hirsuta?
Red grass in the riverbed.
Sue having a swim in the river.
Then it was the Alph's turn, and then Phil's. It was WAY to cold for Kerryn and the Food Lady.
Who is going first? (Note that I am not in the picture!)
We found a huge bone to chew on. Maybe an eland? Maybe someone's braai?
Home for a bite of lunch.
Then it was time to leave. Bye Harvey!
And all too soon we were back in the big smoke - with Table Mountain looming up.

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