11 May 2014

Searching for Stags

Today (actually last Sunday - the Food Lady is still catching up) we were the only ones to brave the rather drippy weather and go for a walk at Cecilia - to the waterfall.
The Foodlady forgot her camera card, but luckily had a cellphone camera. We trudged up the burned bits near the carpark - with new growth promising fabulous surprises to come.
A new sign. We wondered where the trees were but think they are nearer the road.
Lots of luminous Green Proteas (Protea coronata) blooming in the gloom.
We met Hudge and Amanda coming back from their morning walk, and Hudge informed us that he had chased the stag ALL the way from Newlands Forest to Cecilia and that we must look out for it - which we did. (For those who didn't hear about the Great Stag Hunt, Laddie and Hudge chased a Sambar Deer stag on the Wednesday walk  and completely derailed the Wednesday walk. Laddie didn't get very far, but Hudge - followed by Boomer and Roxy - chased it for miles and only came back after about half and hour - exhausted but happy. He was not popular with Amanda!)
Laddie looking out for the Sambar Deer (Rusa unciolor). These deer, as with the smaller Fallow Deer (Dama dama) escaped from paddocks in Rhodes' Groote Schuur Estate in the early 1900s, and have lived on Table Mountain ever since.
The air was heavily fragrant with Phylica buxifolia blossoms.
A watery waterfall. No fairies today - and no stags either.
Tea at the waterfall, then it stared raining a bit,
as this selphie of the bedraggled Phoodlady shows.
Soon we were back at the cars. Upsie daisy ...
and look at all that mud!

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