26 May 2014

Dear Coco

Hope you are fit and happy and not driving the neighbours crazy. We are having a good time here in the Drakensberg. This is a photo of the old part of the Drakensberg Gardens Hotel where I stayed when I was 10 years old - forty six years years ago! 
It is a great place for hiking but sadly no dogs are allowed. Luckily humans are allowed, and Gillie, the Alph and I went for a walk to the Sleeping Beauty Cave
past these amazing rock formations, higher and higher. 
We eventually got to the cave where we had a cup of tea in the freezing cold wind.
Quite an awesome cave! I was glad you and Laddie weren't there because there was lots of places to fall into.
We then hiked back down as it was chilly and Gillie needed to get back home.
There were lots of interesting flowers that I will have to look up later
and beautiful trees. I think this is a White Stinkwood (Celtis africana),
and this is Ou Hout (Leucosidea sericea).
The next day we did another walk, this one without Gillie who had gone home to Wana Farm. The scenery here is just so spectacular.
This walk was to another cave - 
called Pillar Cave where we had tea overlooking the Mashai valley.
We surprised some Eland bulls in a stream bed, and they bounded up the hill. You and Laddie would have had fun chasing them!
On we walked for another hour or two and got quite high up the Mashai Pass but then had to turn back as it was starting to get late.
The Alph was inspired to take an icy plunge in a lovely mountain pool, 
before we had a delicious lunch of Gillie's home made cottage cheese.
Back down at the campsite called Hermits Rest, we saw this sign that made me think of you Coco - as I know your opinion of baboons.
The next day we had another walk, starting in a field of friendly horses, 
who were a bit disappointed that we didn't have something delicious for them. 
At the top of a ridge, we found some rather well hidden lizards. Can you see this one? 
Then we came to the first of the Three Pools that the walk is named after where we had tea.
A little further on we came to the most perfect of pools. You and the Lad would have loved to wade in.
It was really cold, so this was as far as I could get in - just my toes -
but the tough Alph had a swim but it was so quick I could only catch him getting out the other side.
Here is a view of our timeshare at Fairways in the Drakensberg Gardens Resort taken on our way home. 
We even saw a few proteas - but I am not sure which species it is.
Back to the Ezemvelo offices and our car, where we found the horses and the ranger enjoying the afternoon sun. 
This is our cottage - with a late lunch all ready 
and G & Ts of course!
The view from our cottage was pretty fine dont you think?. Tomorrow we are off to drive up Sani Pass and then go on to Gillie and Wyndham, and I will write to you again as soon as we get some internet. Good night Coco and Laddie and be good, 
love from the Food Lady


  1. Nice. Thanks for sharing. Is that in the Underberg area or closer to Harrismith?

    1. Underberg area - Garden Castle.