09 June 2014

A walk in the park

The Great Scottie Walk scheduled for 1 June was postponed because of rain, but in the afternoon it stopped raining briefly and we went for our first proper walk in two weeks! I was so happy and bouncy!
Pauline joined us and we walked in Tokai Park
where the Marsh Heath (Erica verticillata) plants were flowering happily. These beautiful ericas are extinct in the wild, but have been re-planted here in a habitat in which they once grew profusely.
Lots of smells ...
and lots of people and dogs to investigate.
A little Dusky Flycatcher was busy catching goggas on the path
and under the gums, there were pretty spotty mushrooms. Could this be the deadly Panther (Amanita pantherina)? Or maybe the edible Blusher (Amanita rubescens)?
This is definitely the tasty Bay Bolete (Xerocomus badius) and Pauline and the Food Lady picked them. We are not sure how legal that is, but we think its ok. (They had them for supper later on, lightly fried in butter, thyme and garlic, with cream.) Humans have funny tastes and mushrooms are definitely not on our list of delicacies.
We walked through the fynbos and the forest,
past dogs and bikes,
until we came to the end. I am glad our humans came back as we have really really really missed our walkies.
The next day, Monday 2 June, it was the Lad's first birthday. This is the birthday boy with his collection of smelly hooves and bones - with me behind. Happy Birthday Laddie, you are turning out to be not too bad.  

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