27 June 2014

Birthdays and good times

Today is my birthday -
and we spent the morning at Fish Hoek with the spaniels and Omie Domes.
I am now eight years old! And I don't feel a day over two.
But it is also the day Dougal died - a whole year ago. Often, like when Laddie and I are digging in his favourite places for moles, I still miss him ...
and read the memorial plaque that the Alph put up near his grave.
But I remember the happy times we had together. This is him as a puppy with Sam, the Labrador I never met.
And with Tombi, the snauzer I never met either.
I think Doogs always thought he was a Labrador as Sam was his hero. 
This is him before his first hair cut - on one of his first walks in the fynbos.
And on the beach.
Then I came along in 2006 ...
and his life was never quite as peaceful again. But we had some amazing times together -
hunting in the fynbos,
barking ferociously at the neighbour's dogs,
chasing squirrels at Groot Constantia,
and making friends at Suiderstrand - although Doogs wasn't really the friendliest of dogs.
But he was my very best friend and I still miss him terribly. Rest in peace my beautiful brother.


  1. I bet he's watching over you today... Missing you just as much.

  2. Oh, what a sad post. I hope you have many more good times with other friends:)