03 July 2014

The Great Northern Scottie Walk

On Sunday we drove out to the north (near where Laddie was born) to join the Scottie Walk at Jack Muller Park in Bellville - organized by Snippie, Snapie and  Snoekie's parents, Estea and Irene. Here is Laddie saying hello and the Alph and me rearing to go. 
There were lots and lots of Scotties - some old friends and some new.
All that was missing were the bagpipes.
Some of the Scotties were extremely handsome,
and some very beautiful - and I am not referring to the idiot pest on the right, 
but to this very elegant wheaten lass, Fiona. There is me in the background kissing my friend Kirby hello.
At last with all the kissing and barking and snarling over, we all got going - skirting around the edge of this rather nice park.
The only downside were the rather stern notices indicating that we were supposed to be on leads. 
A small price to pay for being on a walk though. We were joined by a very brave hadeda who walked a little way with us, happy that we were thus constrained. You can see it on the left. 
Looking back to the mountains in the distance - pretty glorious! It was quite noisy as the N1 motorway is just on your left.
Luckily there were fences all around, and some pretty Amatungulu bushes (Carissa bispinsosa) to hide the cars. The fruit is edible, and the Food Lady and Alph ate some. Not to our taste though.
The Alph and me with Kirby and his human, Junette (mother of Maggie May and Kirby). We were enjoying a bit of peace and quiet ...
but not for long. Along came Laddie and his twin sister Maggie May. 
Both as crazy as each other. There were some rather exciting wild areas in the park, full of molerats and birds.
The humans relented and let us off the lead for a bit,
and the Lad and Maggie May were soon tearing about like idiots 
while the Food Lady admired the Cross-berry (Grewia occidentalis) bushes that were flowering along the paths.
Maggie May and the Lad looking like two manic rabbits.
as they tried to chase Guinea Fowl without an iota of success.  
But soon it was leads back on and off to the picnic. This is young Kirby and his stylish mom, Junette, in her JayJay Scottie boots.
And cute little Maggie May. She does look a lot like Laddie, but smaller and blonder.
Someone even bought their birds along on the walk in a backpack/birdcage. How cool is that!
We bumped into this 4-month old pup, Rosie, a very pretty little brindle Scot. But I am glad the Food Lady didn't suggest she come home with us, one lunatic juvenile is enough thank you very much.
I met my old friend from the Sea Point walk, Mac.
and made a new friend called Andries.
There is Hamish and Findlay's mom, Renate, with some of her beautiful bandanas and other Scottie accessories which the Alph didn't manage to steer the Food Lady past ... (she was donating half the proceeds to Estea's dog rescue fund though).
Scotties rule!
And this wee Scot is Snippie (no relation to the other Snippie).
Maggie May and the idiot Lad trying to engage poor Snippie in some Scottie play. 
Picnic tea with friends and family.
Then it was time to leave. On the right is Estea, the boss lady of the walks. We had such fun, especially the manic Lad, and look forward to the next Scottie walk. 

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