23 July 2014

A cracker of a walk

Today was a lovely cold Scottie walking day. We met Paul and Pauline in Theresa Avenue and, although Laddie nearly went the wrong way after some other dogs and the Alph stormed back to turn him round, we all set off up to the Pipe Track for a long walk up to the top of the mountain.
Lions Head behind us, Camps Bay far below, 
and pink and cream Common Sunshine Conebushses (Leucadendron salignum) underfoot.
All along the stone walls was a spring display of yellow daisies 
cascading down. They look like Othonna but the Food Lady is not sure and as soon at the computer is fixed, she will do some iSpot identifications.
Coming in the opposite direction, we bumped into Anthea - who lives in Camps Bay in the Food Lady's dream house on the edge of the mountain.
Waiting for the chattering Food Lady to catch up - at the base of Slangolie Ravine.
It was quite steep - hence the leads -
and we had to walk under a waterfall (I had to be carried). Here is Pauline braving the icy water.
Looking back where we had just walked.
We were suddenly assailed by the most enticing smells and we nearly pulled the Alph and Food Lady off their feet in our excitement. They got a bit cross because the path was super steep here.
Up and up
and up Corridor Ravine we climbed. 
When we got to the top we walked along the Apostles Path looking for the path to the Tranquility Cracks, past some of these rare pink bushes of Peninsula Sissies (Brachysiphon fucatus) that only occur up on Table Mountain and nowhere else in the world. They grow on fire-protected, moist, rocky slopes, usually south-east-facing.
After a wrong turn or two, we found the Tranquillity Cracks 
and a nice place for tea. Paul cranked up his Otter Trail stove for a cup of coffee
and we enjoyed some biscuits and the view
over the ocean and Camps Bay. 
I found my own little crack filled with cool water.
After tea we explored the cracks, 
which are great tall gouges in the rocks with yellowwood trees and scary snary hidden caverns, 
and eventually came back out into the open.
Back on the Apostles Path and a view of the Saucy Dog rock at the top of Three Firs.
The path was wonderfully plashy and wet - just perfect for cooling a Scottie tummy!
Good to know we were on the right track.
Yay! More tummy cooling paths.
and another Peninsula endemic for the Food Lady - a Peninsula Conebush (Leucadendron strobilinum) that also likes to grow on the damp, rocky slopes of Table Mountain. 
Far away someone was taking a selfie - overlooking Kasteelspoort.
And here is a pic of me at the top of Kasteelspoort and wondering how the hell we were going to get down there!
Just follow the Alph.
Lampranthus falciformis maybe?
Eventually we made it down to the monstrous mansions of Camps Bay
Are we nearly there?
The local inhabitants shouted rude things from on high, but we hardly took any notice as we were rather tired and grateful to get into the car and head for home.
Phil, Kerryn and young Harvey joined us for a late lunch of tuna steaks and rose wine in the thin afternoon sun. The Lad and Harvey were happy to see each other and rolled on the lawn in the background, 
and did some excavating in the back yard. Then we were abandoned to our kennel while they went to the Rodseths to say how sorry they were about Charlie and to wish Clare a happy birthday for a few days before.

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