06 July 2014

Scotties in the snow

This morning, despite the rain, we decided to believe the yr.no weather website that said very little rain would fall today, and we met Pauline and Sue and Honey and Gwen from Denmark and Jess from Polokwane on Tafelberg Road to hike up Platteklip Gorge.
It was quite a hike, mostly in the mist, but then it started clearing ...
and in next to no time we were nearly at the top. 
Here are Jess, Gwen and Pauline at the top. 
And the Lad putting his feel into a little patch of icy snow.
Someone had made a little snowman too.
It was rather wet up here on top of Table Mountain, but we Scots were really in our element and the temperature suited us just fine.
Gwen, Sue, Pauline and Jess on top.
We explored a bit then decided to head for the Cable Car and the restaurant and coffee and hot chocolates, but then it started to snow - at first just a few little fluffy flakes,
but then more and more till Honey and I looked a bit spotty.
Everyone was quite excited, even Gwen who knows all about snow coming from the frozen north as she does.
It was quite fun! But I must say I was more interested in the faint smell of dassies, maybe some just up here ...
They took photos, 
and videos, 
while I got wetter and whiter. 
Sue and Honey.
There were quite a few other crazy people up here, and a mad dog or two ...
A final photo, then off to the restaurant to warm up and dry out.
Luckily we were allowed in too and had dog biscuits under the table.
Coffee and hot chocolates inside, while outside it continued to snow.
Honey never eats her biscuits, and eventually Laddie snaffled it.
Pauline warming her hands on the fancy heaters in the restaurant. And we made friends with this little girl who was having an ice cream for her lunch.
Another under the table shot of the stripe-nose Lad (from fighting the Jack Russell down the road!) 
Then a snowbow came out! 
It gradually stopped snowing.
Time to make a move ...
We started heading towards the cable car - which I have been down in before - in fact two or three times.
Lad and the Alph making sure we had the tickets - and sending a few WhatsApps of the snow to our human brothers. 
Looking down over Cape Town and Robben Island the weather started to look a bit menacing  
as we made our way to the cable station, 
and walked into the cable car - me leading this time - and the Lad hesitating.
Honey looking mutely miserable. 
It started raining a bit on the way down as the car twirled around showing us Lions Head, 
and the forbidding rockface of Table Mountain.
Our friend from the restaurant was also in the car with us, and she tried to comfort Honey.
Laddie was a bit of an idiot coming down the stairs afterwards, and here he is shooting out with the Alph. Never mind Lad, next time it will be easier! 
We still had a way to go back to the cars, and we were struck by the luminous yellow bushes of the Golden Conebush (Leucadendron laureolum).
There were also some Gladiolus maculatus flowers out. All rather drippy. 
Nearly back at the cars ...
Just one more Protea repens pic from the Food Lady, then home to sleep and to watch Wimbledon.

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  1. Brrr, what an experience! But looks like you all had fun.