16 July 2014

Harvey comes to stay

Last weekend Harvey came to stay. He is a bit crazy but I don't mind him a bit because he affords me some respect as an elderly aunt. This is him raiding the cat's food and any dog that raids the cat's food has my respect.
The Alph and the Food Lady packed up and said we were off to the beach. We knew it must be a long way away as all our blankets were piled into the car with us too. Laddie likes to rest his head on Harvey and his soft fleecie coat. 
It was quite chilly and spattered a bit with rain but we snoozed comfortably in the nice warm car all the way to ...
Suiderstrand. And it was sunny there.
The Food Lady was a bit fierce about letting us run around as they were worried that we would lead Harvey astray and lose him in the bushes. But after an endless lunch break we were taken out for a walk. Tails up!
We had a great time showing Harvey around Papkuil, where they are building a few more wooden houses in the restcamp. Lots and lots of good smells!
Then we got fish and chips and dog cubes and all had an early night - although Harvey spent most of it deep under the duvet with the Alph and Food Lady. We braved the cold and stayed on the floor on our dog bed. 
The next day was a bit drizzly to start. This is an Osteospermum moniliferum that used to be Chrysanthemoides monilifera but molecular biology is throwing taxonomy into a bit of a tizz. But it stopped soon and we all set out with rain gear at the ready. 
Can you believe that Harvey has a rain coat too!
The Food Lady was happy to find a plant she hadn't seen before Chascanum cernuum - a common and widespread member of the Verbenaceae that is often found on limestone.
The sedge had not withered from anywhere, and lots of birds were singing.
Come on Lad - catch up!
Happy dogs exploring the hills.
Tea on the limestone.
A cheery little Jamesbrittenia albomarginata - a scroffy plant that also likes limestone.
Looking down on the fish traps at Rasperpunt.
Come on! What's the delay?
The blombos-lined path to the beach,
where we saw lots of birds including these Caspian Terns,
and we had a delicious wade - much to the consternation of Havey who only swims with humans.
More gulls and an Oyster-catcher. 
There were lots of flowers for the Food Lady - like this early flowering Dimorphotheca fruticosa (previously known as Osteospermum fruticosum) -
and lots of molerat holes for us dogs.
Even new benches (in memory of the Suiderstrand Rate-payers Association which is no longer) for the Alph to sit on.
But all too soon it was time to leave. All  buckled and ready for the long drive home.
A happy Harvey re-united with his mom and dad who were back from a weekend at Franschhoek. 
Ta ta you crazy little Boston Terrorist! 

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