31 July 2014

Scotties in the Magic Forest

Last Sunday was the Scottie Walk in memory of William the elderly gentleman Scottie. There was a 30% chance of rain - which we took. And when we set out it certainly didn't look all that hopeful.
But it was bright and sunny when we arrived to find that the Magic Forest was on the edge of some vineyards and there were lots ad lots of scotties waiting to walk.
Some even had bells and whistles and bows. 
And they all had attitude.
All of us are much loved!
These two didn't seem too keen to step onto the muddy path
but after a lot of shouting and snarling and lunging we all stepped out.
All along the path people had planted indigenous trees to remember loved ones - or just for fun.
Luckily scotties weren't crossed out.
I wonder where the dam and Magic Forest are?
OMG look at all the Laddie lookalikes! Such a lovely place but we had to be on leads to stop some of the Scots from fighting 
or chasing after the ducks.
So frustrating.
At the other end we all turned round and went back to the beginning.
And we found the Magic Forest on the other side of the dam on our way back,
and the name of the chap who stared it.
The Food Lady even found some Buttonwood (Grewia occidetalis) flowers and a wee beastie.
We were a bit alarmed by these little boys running round with large snary guns but it must have had something to do with computer game fantasies.
Was it you who left that parcel in the middle of the path? 
Absolutely not! No! Not me.
Matching tartan scarves and bandannas - a challeng for the FL and the Alph.
And the most handsome of them all, Hamish.
Then we said goodbye to Estea and all the scotties and went home the scenic route through the beautiful vineyards on the slopes of the Tygerberg. (Although we couldn't see all that much in the back of the little honda.)

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