05 June 2014

Dear Coco

Wana Farm is just about as close to dog heaven that you could get! On Saturday morning we all went for a walk around the farm and down to the Umgeni River that runs past Wana. This is Tiki,
and this is the cutest little Snoop Dog.
The path along the river - just made for dogs.
Tombi fishing.
The Alph with Gillie in the garden. We think this is the Mountain Aloe (Aloe marlothii).
Wana's house in a lovely green garden.
Then, as Gillie wasn't feeling too well and Tammy (who was home from St Anne's on half term) had to learn for exams, the Alph and Wyndham and I left them for the afternoon, and drove into town. We popped in at Peels Honey shop on the way and bought some creamed honey for Benson because he says it helps keep his upper respiratory tract nice and clear.
Then we visited the Royal Agricultural Show in Pietermaritzburg which was really an excuse for the Alph and Wyndham to play with tractors!
It was dark by the time we got out of there, and there were lots of flashing lights in the shape of cows outside the showgrounds. Very festive indeed.
The next day, Sunday, the Alph and Wyndham went for a hectic mountain bike ride
while Tammy and Gillie, the dogs and I went for a walk around the farm again. Such a beautiful spot!
Then we moved the pig pen,
and I kept an eye on the pigs (who like to go exploring next door) while they had the most wonderful time exploring, trying out the duck's bath,
inspecting the various interesting bags outside the shed,
making friends with the chickens
and enjoying a shower from Tammy.
The Muscovy Ducks kept their distance.
And the Airedales, Tombi and Gambit, were banned from coming anywhere near them.
The farm cat, Fatso, didn't want to have anything to do with anyone.
After all the cycling and working, we went for a walk to inspect the Wana herd - lovely, placid Jersey cows -
and met Lucy, the Transkei black pig, who loves to have her tummy tickled.
This is Alice who works in the dairy where the best cream, milk, yogurt and cottage cheese in the world is made.
All too soon it was time to go again, so we said farewell to Wana and the Robartes and, laden with cream, yoghurt, cottage cheese, an enormous pumpkin, two Masai blankets from Kenya, some Wana honey and some Wana pork chops and sausages, we set off for Ithala.
I will write you another letter when we get there, Coco. Sleep well and see you soon. The Alf sends his love and hopes that you and Laddie aren't driving the neighbours too crazy with your barking.
love from The Food Lady

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