07 January 2015

Back to South Korea

Dear Coco
We flew into Seoul mid-morning and all fell into a coffee shop for our first cup of delicious real coffee since leaving Daegu six days ago. We were waiting for the express train from the airport to the main station in Seoul where Simon had booked us into a guest house.
After checking in to our delightful little guest house, called SS Guest House, Seoul Station, we followed Simon as he led us up the hill on a fantastic walk up to the Seoul Tower so that we could get a good view of this HUGE city, and some exercise.
A cute statue near the Hilton Hotel. I was sorry for that little angel with no clothes, cause it is rather chilly here! When we landed at about midday, it was minus 4 degrees.
Up and up we went,
the city laid out in front of us - or rather, a really small part of the centre of Seoul - surrounded by mountains.
Once we got to the top of the hill (and the bottom of the tower), we found more "love" padlocks all over the viewing platform railings.
And a special love seat for lovers.
We retreated into a the warmth of a little bar up here, and enjoyed a draught beer while watched the sun go down.
Then we walked down in the evening light. It was very pretty.
but very cold!
At the bottom of the hill we went in search of supper, and found a shop named after you Coco,
and I was so inspired, I persuaded the Alph to buy me a pair of scottie gloves in a nearby stall. Simon led us straight to the restaurant that he was looking for,
where he ordered a really delicious soup - with veges, noodles and pork, and we enjoyed our first meal in Seoul very much indeed.
We then wandered around a bit,
before returning to our cosy little guesthouse and a warm and comfy bed.
Tomorrow night we will have to say goodbye to Simon and start the long slog home, so until then Coco, sleep tight, and see you in two days time!
love from the FL xx

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