26 January 2015

New Year Scottie Walk

Today was the first Scottie Walk of 2015 at Dolphin Beach, Milnerton.
It was the most beautiful morning.
Some of the Scotties were not so happy to see each other,
but mostly we were quite pleased to be together again and welcomed some of the new puppies like this youngster, Stoffel, who is only 3 months old.
Lad was having so much fun he sometimes didn't know which way to turn there was so much to do...
As usual, there were Scotties, and honorary Scotties like elegant Zahra with her mom Tania,
and even a little Westie called Fingal who had never been to the beach before as he came from Pretoria but he really enjoyed surfing in the cool waves.
Me putting my best foot forward.
Everyone had a spring in their step.
It was a perfect day - no wind and not too hot.
My friend Mila and her little brother MacGuyver.
Snoekie was worried that all the other Scotties wanted to steal her mom away so she had some defending to do.
This is my friend Fergus.
And one of my favourite humans Michele who always gives me a little treat or two.
Group photo.
Me showing Stoffel how to sneak in a bit of kelp before the humans notice.
Laddie made friends with these little boys - but then he made friends with everyone. Such a busy boy.
All in all it was a really lovely walk - thanks to Michele and Estea (walking together second from the left) who organise it all.
Soon it was time to go home. Here is Mac waiting for all the talking to finish. 

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  1. A post full of such wonderful pictures. Especially the first and last:) Black scotties with scarlet neckerchiefs are sooo elegant!!