11 January 2015

Home again

So they decided to come back after all. It was nice to see them - I even managed a little scottie jig/bounce. Laddie did his usual falling on his neck and squirming but we can't all be THAT soppy.
The Food Lady had some photos of their last day with Simon, our tall and amazing human brother, in Seoul. It looks rather chilly, but just right for Scotties.
They went to one of the imperial palaces (Gyeongbokgung) where there were statues of the signs of the Chinese zodiac - and this one is the dog. The Food Lady - and I - just happen to have been born in the year of the dog. Figures. The Alph was born in the year of the goat, Simon and Laddie in the year of the snake and Phil in the year of the tiger.
In the Museum of Folk History, there were drawings of family life in olden day Korea, some of them featuring dogs.
And on the street, in the trendy Insa-dong area, you can buy oriental costume dog coats - but the Alph wouldn't let the Food Lady buy any for us. Which is just as well because I hate dog coats, but Harvey loves them.
And speaking of Harvey, they spotted a Boston Terrier or maybe a French Bulldog walking in the grounds of the War Memorial Museum of Military History. With a coat on.
On the way home, they saw a giant golden Greyhound outside a posh hotel.
Although they were sorry to say goodbye to Simon, they were also happy to be home again in warm and lovely Cape Town,
with a visit from Margie and Clare thrown in - with flowers and a cake. The Food Lady was super happy!
We went for a jaunty walk in Tokai Forest, just look at me doing a hop-and-a-skip.
Thank you Phil (our other amazing human brother) and Kerryn and Harvey for looking after us. We will miss you and hope you will come and stay often.

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