19 February 2015

Mis'ble humans

We were deserted last weekend - although we had a lot of fun with Phil and Kerryn and Harvey - even a beach trip. But we are still feeling a bit injured that they left us behind and went to our favourite Land of Tortoises.
Lad and Harv looking mis'ble. We hate the packing up.
The glorious Land of Tortoises. Without us!
Strange blobs in the water,
made by a colonial microscopic single-celled protozoan called Ophrydium versatile. According to the website, Ask a Naturalist, they can be found all over the world in fresh water. The individual cells line up side by side in the “blob” and attach themselves to a jelly-like substance they secrete. They are symbiotic with microscopic Chlorella algae which live inside the Ophrydium cells and give the blob its green colour. Amazing.
Rooibos Tea in bloom.
Agamas and Mountain Wheatears all over my rocks. I would have spotted them and flown up there to dispatch them forthwith!
Work, work, work - clearing some rather exuberant growth.
Lots of food as usual. Here is the Alph with John and Julie. Is our Alph saying grace or contemplating the deliciousness on the plate?
And lots of good drinkles. John and Julie brought some Valentines Day ros√© (or was it vin gris?) bubbles called Rose of Sharon. And frangipani flowers for the gels. The Food Lady must have been in heaven!
Finding a pretty but prickly Pelargonium alternans,
and a very dead Solifuge. Maybe the one Margie bopped on its head?
Climbing up to see the flowering Kraansaalwyne (Aloe perfoliata).
Even the acorns were celebrating Valentines Day.
But soon they had to come home to their two Scotties, and our bestie bostie.

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