25 February 2015

Rock-monsters and poo in the Kalk Bay hills

Last Sunday we planned to do a cool beach walk and link up with the Alph who is doing Argus Cycle Tour training, but it was rather windy and no-one could come so we changed our minds and went to Kalk Bay again (abandoning the Alph to a lonely ride) where we met up with Alice and Maddie. Maddie is banned from beaches having once tried to eat a dachshund on one.
We walked up the Old Mole Track - still no moles - and down to Weary Willy's pool for a cool-off and a drink, although it wasn't really hot.
Some intelligent being had decided to improve the look of the SANParks signpost there.
We then set off up Echo Valley with False Bay below us looking rather beautiful and sparkly.
This is cave and crag and rock-monster territory, and I was a bit spooked.
Cat-faced rock-monsters and flares of glare,
fiery flowers (Disa ferruginea - practicing its Batesian mimicry),
and a giant rock-monster foot about to squash Alice and Maddie. Aaaaargh, look out!
Phew - escaped. Luckily rock-monsters seem to be frozen by day - but who knows what they get up to in the moonlight.
Just checking.
Those cavorting rock-monsters on the horizon look up to no good.
And that is Laddie and not a ghost Scottie in the cool eau-de-vie of Nelly's Pool. (The Food Lady is still using her inferior cellphone camera.)
On the way down there was lots of evidence of human occupation - blankets and cardboard beds - and of course, my favourite - bergie pat√©. I crammed as much of it into my face before the Food Lady could swat me away,
but sadly, at home I ended up in the Bucket of Shame. (But it was worth it!)

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