08 February 2015

Stalking baboons

We had an early start this morning - meeting Alice and Maddie at Red Hill. You can see False Bay in the distance. It was beautifully cool and breezy - and it  seemed that the rock-birdmonsters were crowing with early morning joie de vivre.
Alice, Maddie and Laddie in the cool and breezy fynbos.
There were lots of beautiful Golden Conebushes (Leucadendron laureolum) lighting up the fynbos.
Then we came upon this glorious view looking down to Long Beach - and we imagined the Alph cycling somewhere on the slopes of Chappies.
We decided to stop right there for tea and snacks. (Alice is asking Lad a question, not giving him a klap!)
After tea there were the most enticing smells wafting over the slopes, and Alice and the three of us went bundu-bashing to see what it was. Then over in the distance we saw - and heard - the baboon troop with the baboon monitors - too far away for a good photo, but exciting nevertheless. (We even had to go on our leads because we were so keen to run helter skelter down into the troop to sort them out.)
After the rain the other day, the fynbos was looking quite colourful - this is the Sticky Heath (Erica viscaria) which was flowering profusely all over.
Another water and cool-down stop: us two black dogs were quite hot by now. A little way further on we came upon a cyclist who had fallen off his mountain bike and was sitting looking a bit stunned and scratched on the path. After a little while he said he felt better, and luckily there was nothing broken (except his glasses which were smashed) and the bleeding wasn't too profuse so luckily (for him!) Alice and the Food Lady weren't called upon to render first aid. We all started walking back to the dam with him, then he said he was ok to ride, and he leapt on his bike which was also unscathed, and rode off.
Then we all swam and swam all over the dam (except Laddie), and drove home.

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