08 August 2016

Down south

We were determined not to be left behind this time!
Heading down south past the windmills.
Then guess where we landed up? This is a clue.
And another clue.
Daisy! The land of moles-on-the-beach, fish biltong and swims.
While they unpacked we hotfooted it up the road to suss it out. Me looking left and the Lad right. Tails on full alert for francolins. Such a team.
Then a walk on the beach and some kelp chases,
some beachcombing too - these are sea beans from far far away.
The Alph and Foodlady were happy to see this sign telling fishermen not to leave sharks and fish on the beach to die. But I love eating fish biltong - especially pajama sharks - so I wasn't so sure I fully approved.
Our neighbour came to say hello. He is looking a bit arthritic poor old chap.
The next day we went for a walk up our usual path, past the ugly houses which were made beautiful by this scene. Rock Kestrels.
Then it started to rain, so we had a last mole hunt,
then hightailed it home again.
The birds don't seem to mind the rain. A White-fronted Plover.
Then later on the sun came out and we set out once again through the damp, honey-scented Blombos (Metalasia muricata),
rain-spattered suteras (Sutera hispida),
lots of Rooi Viooltjies (Lachenalia bulbifera),
and large bushes of the Camphor-scented Pelargonium (Pelargonium betulinum).
We found a lovely spot in the fynbos for tea and a rest.
The Food Lady found lots of these strange Chascanum cernuum plants (from the Verbena family) in flower,
some flowering Maagpynbossies (Morella quercifolia) - these are the male flowers which turn into catkins and release clouds of pollen -
and some rather rain-washed froetangs (Romulea rosea).
We eventually emerged from the bushes (mostly Port Jacksons) above the wreck of the Meisho Maru,
and made our way down through the tangles
to our cottage and some R&R.
More R&R in the morning,
and a rather gentler walk above Suiderstrand
with lots of opportunities to hunt for fairies and Hairy-footed Gerbils,
and wade in the fish traps,
and scavenge along the high tide line. Good smells drew us both to this rather prickly dead thing. The Food Lady said the Porcupine word which made Laddie all excited (since his porcupine hunt in the Greenbelt with Rupert and Paddington he has been into porcupines) but it didn't smell like a porcupine to me - more like a delicious stinky fish.
Good rolling opportunities too.
Lots of birds to distract the humans while we scavenged and rolled. These are Swift Terns.  
The Alph did a few house repairs,
while the Food Lady, Lad and me contemplated the view and kept a look out for passing dogs.
Not a bad way to spend the weekend even if we are not allowed to go too deep into the bushes in search of who-knows-what-we might come upon ...

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