10 August 2016

Milly and Billy come to Tokai Park

On Sunday Milly and Billy and their human, Ernest came to play and we all went for a walk in Tokai Park. Paul also joined us.
This is Billy with Laddie trying to keep up with his long legs. Me FAR behind ...
and Harvey way out in front.
Me still far behind.
This is an important park as it has some very rare and endangered fynbos which most people hate and just want forests.
But the Foodlady loves the fynbos. This is a Grand Duchess Sorrel (Oxalis purpurea) just starting to open.
Rather too large and formidable to chase - a Black-headed Heron,
and lots of Spur-winged Geese.
Milly and Billy were most interested in the horses,
but I just ignore them. Sort of. (I keep a leary eye out in case a hoof comes flying too close!)
I prefer little kids on bikes. They always want to say hello to me, but I only engage if there is food involved.
Laddie engages with everyone and everything. Here is the Alph calling him away from some rather pieperig Bassets.
Pretty nice hey.

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