29 August 2016

The Bestie Bostie and the Battle for the Bed

This last month we have had Harvey to stay - on and off - while Phil and Kerryn jet around the country and the world. He is quite a cool little dude - although sometimes I have to show him my teeth and snort ferociously at him to calm him down.
As you see, he sure makes himself at home here.
Best of all, he brings his bed with him. Laddie and I like his bed very much.
"Aw come on dude, that's my bed. But I don't mind if you have a go in it -
as long as I can get a go eventually."
But when his back is turned, I hop in. Its quite a tight fit.
Poor chap was going crazy trying to guard his bed from us sneaky Scots.
An even tighter fit for Lad - but he is hanging in there.
Peace at last.
Harvey loves to help the Food Lady in the garden.
We found a little frog in the garden, sadly out of our reach. A Painted Reed Frog
that changes colour.
Harvey also loves the tennis ball.
He and the Lad fight over it - sometimes rather too seriously.
But if Harvey gets it, he takes all the fluff off it.
Lad and I had haircuts, which Harvey doesn't need. As soon as we came home, Laddie rolled in Hadeda poop. Harvey thought it was funny as funny.
Elections came and went,
as did walkies.
Harvey made many new friends - here he is with Knox having a great time in Tokai Park.
Then Laddie got tired of Harvey's tyre bed and declared that the Lime Green Duvet Bed was the coolest place to chill out.
So Harvey immediately annexed it when Laddie's back was turned - 
as he has with the Alph and Food Lady's bed.
AND the outside bed. Cheeky blighter.

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