23 October 2009

Dogs walking all over the Lion's Head

We were lucky again this Wednesday.The Food Lady, feeling very guilty because she should have been working, decided to join the Wednesday walkers for a trip up Devils Peak saddle and dogs were allowed. When we got there, it was blowing like the devil, so they moved across to Lions Head which was remarkably free of wind. I think the Lion got up and wrote a rude message on the notice board because it must get sick of being walked all over by dogs. Hudge and us two couldn't quite make it to the top, but it was good to almost get on top of a big fat cat's head. Here we are on the way back. There were lovely flowers for the FoodLady like this Moraea bellendenii. (Apparently Moraea is the maiden name of the wife of the chap who started naming plants called Linnaeus.)

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