27 October 2009

Not a very relaxing weekend!

Last weekend wasn't quite what we had in mind. Dougal and I had to spend a good part of Saturday in the car because Dougal wanted to take Aiden's feet off when they met over the stable door in Greyton. Then late in the day we picked up some gorgeous smelling fish and chips at Agulhas and drove to Daisy to find that some rather smelly humans had been living in the house. This rather threw the Alpha Male and the Foodlady and all thoughts of eating the fish went out of the window until much later when they had cleaned the place up. Very early the next morning we had a visitor - Winston from up the road - who joined us for a swim at Papkuil. The FL has been muttering darkly about us being banned from there but there were no sinister notices and we had a wonderful swim... and a lots of rodent hunts.
There has been quite a lot of progress with the building of the SANParks camp at Pietie se Punt. Some thatched houses, lots of workers lounging about smoking cigarettes on big trucks, and this HUGE road linking the fisherman's cottage on the point to the new campsite. The humans wondered if it was to accommodate a few hundred tour buses that SANParks hopes will come here to brave the wind and storms. You can see the thatched buildings in the distance.

The rest of the day was more cleaning and more time in the car going to the police with all the stuff that had been dumped in the cottage by the lowlife squatters. A neighbour said they were perlemoen poachers who had been burgling all the houses around here. He said they had been arrested. We just hope so!

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