19 October 2009


We set off into the deep dark forest with Alice, Pauline and the Foodlady; Dougal doing duty as the alpha male in the real Alpha Males's absence. (He has tendonitis and has joined the ranks of the walking wounded). In the forest there were ravines and waterfalls...and white woolly bear-dogs ... and irritatingly bumptious black swimming-dogs, and then I heard the reason why. It is a dogwood. Here are Pauline and Alice examining one of the trees - an assegai bush Curtisia dentata that belongs to the dogwood family. These are the new leaves that look like little assegais (but see Alice's article for more info.)
We had tea and rusks in a rocky river gorge at the bottom of Newlands Ravine, deep inside the dark dogwood of Newlands.
Out on the slopes we saw lots of flowering gonnabos, Passerina corymbosa,
and under the trees along the path were some white rietuintjies, Moraea tricuspidata.
On the way back the humans said their next walk must be up Newlands Ravine to the Saddle - that you can just see through the pines in Newlands dogwoods. Sounds a bit rough for scotties.

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