14 October 2009

Holes in the mountain and cliff hangers...

Well - not much to say since I wasn't there! This is us being left behind (although we did get a quick walk round the block to shout at the neighbour-dogs that we HATE). Lucy and Richard, Alice, Robbie and Bob (with Litchi!!), the Food Lady and the Alpha Male all set off up from Constantia Nek, but Bob and Litchi fell out and went home, then Lucy was feeling sick so she and Richard went home too. Then Alice wasn't feeling well but pushed on, and the AM fell and twisted his knee but decided to go on too.
Despite knees and feeling off colour, they followed Robbie into this amazing forest full of yellowwoods and old mans beard, and deep, dark caves. At the top they saw a whole troop of humans disappearing into a hole in the mountain so I am quite relieved we weren't there because we like exploring but not falling into deep dark holes!
There were lots of these strikingly colourful plants called "sissies", Brachysiphon fucatus that only grow in cool spots on Table Mountain and nowhere else.
After tea on the top they came back to the Great Dog Highway at the dams along the side of the mountain which sounded quite exciting. Here is the Alpha Male negotiating a rocky overhang,and Alice on the edge, with Big Chief Howling Wind watching over her,and here is Robbie who took them on this walk, looking relieved that they had all made it so far without being swallowed up by holes or falling off the edge.
When they got home Alice was feeling really bad and it turns out she had biliary - OK - tick bite fever for humans! Poor Alice. I wanted to go and see her but I am not allowed to go into her house because I forgot that dogs are not allowed to pee in other people's houses once and whoopsied on her carpet, but apparently she is feeling much better.

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