04 August 2011

Snotties go up the mountain

At long last we were back on the mountain path - and Sue is back; in good health. Kate from Canada also joined us again, as did Thea, Paul, Pauline, our humans and Dougal.
There were not very many flowers out today, but this Lobostemon montanus was in full blue bloom.
Striding out above Kommetjie. Tea and dates from Klein Pella - not to our canine taste. A curious little daisy with fat leaves, wedged in a rocky crevice where we were sitting: Senecio crassulaefolius. Curiously, according to POSA its name has been changed to Curia. And until recently it was known as Kleinia. Hope they make up their minds soon.We did some exploring in the rocks for dassie smells while tea was drunk and photos were composed and taken and Lazy Bush or Sukkelbos (Oftia africana) flowers inspected.On the way back we explored the newly graffitied Cobra Camp radar station ruins. You can just see Kate up there. Then walked back down to our cars at the lighthouse. We drove back on the scenic route (which is code for the LONG way round), past misty Misty Cliffs, and on to Scarborough
to see how Doug and Julia's family room on the other side of the Table Mountain was getting on. Looks pretty good to us - right on the edge of Cape Point section of the Table Mountain National Park which is teeming with baboons to chase. On our way past Glencairn we came across the steam train that Arti and Gabe went on once - Arti who calls us SNOTTIES!

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