19 August 2011

Some bushels and a Pecks

Last weekend Philip, our human brother, came to stay - and Kerryn was also down visiting her mom and Georgie, her Jack Russell. On Sunday we walked up Farmer Peck's Valley with Paul and Pauline.
Checking out the whales in False Bay on the way up.
Up on the top - lots of bushels for Dougal to hunt mice under. (!)
Me in the erica bushels - pretending they are rrreal highland heather bushels.
Tea - Pauline, Dougal, me, the Alph and Paul - and a disquieting sniffing dog rock in the background.
It looks a bit like Dawnie - who refuses to walk with us anymore - unless its in the Greenbelt.
A hairy White Spot Moth caterpillar munching on some Amphithalea ericifolia flowers.
Very soon we were racing down the mountainside again after the Alph and Paul who were keen to get home. We stopped for a quick breather and to check the whales, the surf at Muizenberg and of course, the bushels to see if there were any scurrying mice.Then they took us home and abandoned us to take our human brothers and Kerryn out to a birthday lunch at The Black Marlin at Miller's Point - in the heart of baboon country! (Both the HBs have their birthday in August.) This is Simon with his Seafood Curry. Yummm.Kerryn and cool dude Phil. And this is Kerryn with her mom, Sue, and her canine sister, Georgie, a Jack Russell. I am looking forward to meeting Georgie one day.

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